Fischer Panda 24xPMS-230V/50Hz/1ph

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Brand: Fischer Panda
Category: Marine Generators

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With 4-cylinder Water-cooled Kubota 1498ccm diesel engine Type: V1505
And Water-cooled Fischer Panda Alternator
(Single Phase, 220V / 50 Hz )
Nominal output : 20.4 KW (24.0 KVA at cos phi = 0.85)
Continuous output : 18.3 KW (21.5 KVA at cos phi = 0.85) at 3000 RPM
Nominal running Amps: 88.7
Continuous running Amps:79.5
Complete set includes:
- Two pole relays for isolated ground
-12V starts system
-12V/40A alternator for battery charging
-Engine-driven cooling water pump
-Heat exchanger for engine and alternator
-Belt driven impeller pump for the raw water circuit
-GFK sound insulation capsule 3D
(with one layer of heavy lining and one layer of special sound insulation foam)
-Remote control panel with on /off / preheat/start LCD hour meter and automatic
shut off of the generator in case of alarm
-Exhaust and engine temperature switch
-Oil pressure switch
-Winding temperature switch
-Fuel shut off solenoid for engine stop
-Fuses for 12V system
-Air filter
- X controller-GC-S voltage regulation for 230V with actuator for output voltage control
-Automatic start booster (ASB) for easier starting of inductive load
-12 V fuel pump with inline filter and hose connectors
-4 pcs rubber mounts type: Fischer Panda
Dimensions : 1010 x 515 x 670 in mm. (L x W x H)
Weight: 355 kgs.
Sound level: 55db–7m, 65db-3m, 69db-1m


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