Fischer Panda Generator Panda 18x PMS 230V-50Hz-s

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Brand: Fischer Panda
Category: Marine Generators

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With 3-cylinder water-cooled Kubota1123ccm diesel engine Type: D 1105 and Water-cooled Fischer Panda alternator ( Single phase 230V/50Hz ) Three phase on request
Nominal output : 15.3 kW (18.0 kVA at cos phi = 0.85)
Continuous output : 13.8 kW (16.2 kVA at cos phi = 0.85) at 3000 RPM
Rated current each Phase in Ampere: 66.52
Continuous current each Phase in Ampere: 60.00

Complete set includes:
Two pole relays for isolated ground
12 V starts system
12V/40A alternator for battery charging
Engine driven cooling water pump
Heat exchanger for engine and alternator
Belt driven impeller pump for the raw water circuit
GRP (Glass fibre reinforced polyester) sound insulation capsule 3D (3 layers with a total thickness of 30 mm)
Remote control panel with on /off / preheat / start LCD hour meter and automatic shut off of the generator in case of alarm.
Exhaust and engine temperature switch
Oil pressure switch
Oil temperature switch
Winding temperature switch
Fuel shut off solenoid for engine stop
Fuses for 12V system
Air filter
Patented VCS voltage regulation for 230V with actuator for output voltage control
Automatic starter booster (ASB) for easier starting of inductive load
12 V fuel pump with inline filter and hose connectors
4 pcs rubber mounts type: Fischer Panda
Dimensions 820mm x 505mm x 620mm (L x W x H)
Weight (Kg) 297 kgs.
Sound level 55/65/69 (7m/3m/1m)


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