MG HE Battery 25,2V/300Ah/7500Wh

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Brand: MG Energy Systems
Category: MG Lithium Batteries

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For BMS need to purchase : MG MASTER LV 24-48V/1000A (M12) ,

The HE battery series is based on a high energy density battery cell. This means more energy in less weight. The integrated battery management system brings the highest standard on safety and gives insight in the status of the battery. Flexibility in system configuration is created by a modular design. On a system level a voltage range of 25.2 V up to 465 V and a capacity range of 2.5 kWh up to 720 kWh can be created with the 25.2 V modules.

Superior energy density
Integrated battery management system
Scalable system design due to 25.2 V modules
High safety standard
Plug and Play installation


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