Sea Water pump AC-5C-MD 230V 50/60HZ-PMA1000

SKU Code: 0150-0136-0100
Brand: MARCH Pumps
Category: Pumps

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Key Benefits
■■ Magnetic-drive impeller means no seal to wear, leak, or repair
■■ Efficient motor with low power consumption
■■ Includes a sturdy marine-grade base
■■ 115V and 230V models
■■ Liquid-cooled (submersible) and air-cooled motors available
■■ All components in contact with water are plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel
■■ 6 ft. (1.8 m) the power cord is standard
■■ Optional priming reservoir available for above-waterline applications
■■ 1-year warranty on parts


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