DMS MagnusMaster

Brand: DMS
Category: Anti-rolling gyro

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DMS MagnusMaster is an ‘All Electric’ roll damping stabilisation system for low speed cruising displacement and semi-displacement motor yachts up to 30 meters. The system combines state of the art, high-end technology and a universal law of nature, the Magnus effect, discovered and documented by Heinrich Gustav Magnus. Instead of traditional fins, the system uses rapidly rotating underwater cylinders which, depending on the direction of rotation, generate an upward or downward force. This All Electric stabiliser does not use hydraulics and can be inverter driven. Technically perfected by DMS Holland and equipped with new features and innovative stability programming, the DMS MagnusMaster is quite simply incomparable with other systems due to its advanced engineering, versatility of installation and simplicity of operation. DMS MagnusMaster rotary stabilisation utilises the Magnus Effect with rapidly rotating underwater cylinders generating an upward or downward force depending on the direction of rotation. The efficiency and versatility of the system means that for yachts up to 20 tonnes a single rotor may be used. For larger yachts, twin rotor are common and in some applications up to four rotors have been employed for the maximum roll damping capability. Key Features * Effective Stabilisation Typically from 3 to 12 Knots * Colour Touch Screen * Compact & Easy to Locate * No Steering Effect (Transom Mount is Possible) * Easy Installation & Almost No Maintenance * High Static Heel (Best in Following Seas) * Fully CAN Bus for Robust Communication * NMEA Interface with Raymarine Electronics * High Damping (Also at Low Speed) * Easy to Operate (Park / Drive) * 3 Term Controller (Angle / Velocity / Acceleration) * High Momentum (For Increased Damping) * Extensive Diagnostics * Retractable (Less Vulnerability to Damage) -* Retracts Automatically (In Neutral and Reverse) * Virtually Silent Operation (All Electric System)


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