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Using a Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) will keep the "Luxury" in your Luxury Yachting experience.

The Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) will make your next fishing experience safer, more productive and enjoyable by minimizing trolling and zero speed roll.

A Tohmei Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) is a great investment for any commercial vessel. The ARG is now available for the commercial sector providing low and zero speed stabilization.

  • Provides a comfortable setting for dining and entertaining.
  • Sleep in comfort at the dock or anchored out.
  • Keeps your vessel steady when docking.
  • Effective at trolling and at ‘zero’ speeds.
  • With the Tohmei ARG, you can expect the lowest maintenance in the industry
  • Allow crew and guests to move around safely and enjoy themselves.
  • There are no through hull protrusions that produce drag on your vessel. It is a one piece ‘bolt on’ package.
  • Installing the Tohmei ARG adds to the resale value of your yacht.

The ARG stabilizer is easy to install. Just bolt it down to  your boat and plug it in! The Tohmei ARG stabilizer is the original  ‘Anti Rolling Gyro’ stabilizer. The technology was developed by  Mitsubishi originally for the space satellite. Tohmei stands alone as  the LEADER in ROLL REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY for pleasure and commercial  craft in the world 

ARG 65T(6500 T -A1) is the new model developed for small boats such as centre console boats. ARG65T covers approx 10tons displacements(depending on GM of the boat) It is the smallest ARG can be used on boat. Anti rolling torque : 6500Nm max Rated RPM : 4200rpm Angular moment at rated RPM : 1300Nm sec Spool-up time to rated RPM : 30minutes Spool up power AC motor : 1.8Kva Operating power AC motor : 1.4Kva Input voltage : AC 210-240V Weight : 236kg Envolope dimensions : Gyro : 525(height) x 750(width) x 520(depth) mm Motor Driver(invertor) : 290(height) x 340(width) x 235(depth) mm


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