Belaire H2400D

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Belaire H2400D ducted under-bench type air conditioner :

The Belaire H2400D is a ducted under-bench type air conditioner that can be custom installed within your motorhome  or caravan. It is an ideal choice when you're on the move.


1. A light weight design that is ideal for small caravans or camper trailers.

2. Easy to install and suitable for most conditions with excellent performance in both Cooling and  Heating modes.

3.The unit can be installed in a variety of location inside in caravan or motorhome  including in  closets, under benches or bunks and in cabinets.It has under floor vents and three duct     points to  direct the air flow and ensure comfort throughout the cabin.

4. 2.4kw of cooling and 2.0kw of heating in reverse-cycle mode.

5. A full-function built-in control panel and a Remote control are available for your convenience.

6. Both the built-in control panel and remote control combines cooling, heating, sleep, fan speed, and dehumidifying functions.

7. High efficiency three speed fan.

8. Featuring flexible and extendable air ducts that can be reticulated to your requirement.

9. High efficiency and low noise fan.

10. Detachable electrical box design, made of metal for protection in harsh conditions.

11. Patented air duct design, safety and reliability.

12. Patented air delivery mode to avoid the intersection of condensed air flow.

13.Toughest in its class - designed and tested for harsh conditions. Excellent reverse cycle  performance allows the H2400D to operate in temperatures as low as minus 5 degrees Celsius and as high as 50 degrees Celsius. 

Power Supply 1PH/220-240V/50Hz
Rated cooling capacity (W) 2400
Rated heating capacity (W) 2000
Rated current for cooling (A) 4.3
Rated current for heating (A) 4.1
Maximum current (A) 4.9
Maximum air flow (I/s) 100
Net Weight ( kg ) 30
Overall height 287mm
Overall Length 652mm


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