Belaire 3400

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Fitted with an ultra-low elegantly designed plenum that complements modern interiors
Features easy to read LED display showing temperature and mode
Attractive streamlined canopy design to perfectly integrate with modern caravan and motorhome design
Plenum air handler to ensure efficient and comfortable air flow
Patented primary and basic outlets which can be alternated to suit a variety of conditions
Air filter design makes it easy and convenient to remove and clean
A classical remote control with cooling, heating, dehumidifying, dry, sleep and timing functions
Three speed, ultra-quiet, high efficiency fan
The large outdoor axial fan draws air to exchange heat, leading to highly efficient, powerful performance
Spiral retractable duct allows easy installation without cutting
Isolation eradicates condensation while optimizing power and performance
Super strong and lightweight UV stabilized polypropylene chassis
Canopy able to withstand the toughest conditions
Integrated outdoor fan grill is simple, aesthetically pleasing and safe
Excellent reverse cycle performance allows it to operate in low temperatures
Features intelligent defrosting technology
Power Supply 220-240V
Rated Cooling Capacity 3400W-11600BTU
Rated Heating Capacity 3000W
Rated Current for Cooling 5.8A
Rated Current for Heating 5.4A
Maximum Airflow 150l/s
Installed weight 46.5kg
Outdoor unit dimensions 1122x850x223mm
Plenum unit dimensions 575x515x49mm
Roof opening 360x360


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