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The Model 7172’s basic purpose is to provide an electronic signal to the hydraulic steering gear for positioning of the rudder. Normally the 7172 is equipped with two potentiometers: The first potentiometer will be used with an interface such as Model 7173-K to move the rudder in either port or starboard direction. When used in conjunction with our 7168 or 7174 feedback unit, the 7172 could provide precise rudder positioning. The second potentiometer can be used to indicate rudder demand while the actual
rudder position is fed back via the 7168 or 7174 to separate rudder angle indicator. The construction of our 7172 is all bronze and stainless steel and is designed to give years of trouble-free service. Straight ahead detent is provided. The wheel has approximately three turns from hardover to hardover giving a comfortable range of control. The heavy duty construction allows the helmsman to hang on to the wheel in the roughest weather without causing any damage to this unit.


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