7085-S Full Power Follow-Up Cylinder

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These cylinders are constructed entirely in bronze and stainless steel and are available with servo valve for full follow-up (7085-S) option or without (7085). They are also available in a balanced or unbalanced
configuration. If a single cylinder is not sufficient to provide the required rudder torque, they can be installed in a twin cylinder configuration whereby one cylinder with servo would serve as a master with a
plain 7085 cylinder acting as the second actuator. The cylinder is rated at a design pressure of 1000 psi (69 bar) and is available in many stock lengths. The cylinder bore is 3-1/2” and the piston rod is 1-1/2” in
diameter. These cylinders are economically priced and will outperform any other product in the market place as far as durability and savings are concerned.


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