Roca W50 wiper motor 24V shaft-78mm PtdWht

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Brand: Roca
Category: Wiper Motor

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A windshield wiper system for the toughest conditions. It's the perfect match for any yacht or train with a big front windshield where you need a longer sweeping arm and blade. Safe and user-friendly with a bulletproof sweep and pressure, the W50 windshield wiper system is also designed to last for many years. Torque: 50 Nm Powers up to 1100 mm/43″ arms and blades Easily adjustable sweep angle 45 – 110° Self-parking Left or Right Two speeds: Slow 30 sweeps/min and fast 47 sweeps/min Voltage Input: 12 or 24 VDC EMC protected Driveshafts in stainless steel Insulated ground for metal, GRP, and wooden chassis


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