NT 06 Marine window

Brand: NTS
Category: Light Duty Marine Window

Price on request


• For mounting the window, an aluminum profile is clamped from inside thus eliminating the need to screw the window from outside. This profile is further covered with gasket to hide the screws from inside as well.
• Applicable on for all Hull thicknesses between 10 to 25mm. For thickness above 25mm a “Z” Shaped profile is offered on which the screws will be visible from inside.
• Corner radius is 75mm or mitered corners.
• Glass thickness 6, 8 & 10mm can be fitted.
• Installation is quick and easy. The window is placed into the opening and fixed by the interior clamp ring from the inside. Screw clamps are further covered with gasket. This gives a screw-less fitting from exterior and a well suited finish from the interior.


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