Level TFE Mount

Category: Mounting

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The Level Mount is installed in minutes by following the instructions provided. There is no need to fix the machine to the floor since the rubber base of the mounting keeps the machines in place. Whenever necessary, the machine can be easily re-positioned. The level is adjusted with load applied.

The rubber element of the level mount is oil and chemical resistant. All metal parts are zinc-plated and chromated for protection against corrosion.

Models TF 250, TF 600 and TF 1200 are also available in S/S (ISO 2604/11, BS 3605:1).

The mount, with level adjuster, is suitable for a wide range of free standing workshop machines.

Typical applications include:
• Lathes and Milling machines
• Grinding machines
• Presses
• Plate shears
• Nibbling machines
• Punches and cutters


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