Jinko 545W Solar Panel

Brand: JINKO
Category: Solar Panels

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Jinko Solar Panels are known for their high-quality and efficient solar panels. The Solar Panel 545W is one of their latest additions to their product line The Solar Panel 545W has a power output of 545 watts, making it one of the most powerful solar panels available in the market. It has an efficiency rating of 21.2%, which means that it can convert 21.2% of the sunlight it receives into usable electricity. This high efficiency rating ensures that the Solar Panel 545W can generate more electricity with less space required for installation.he Jinko Panel 545W has a robust frame that can resist heavy loads and strong winds. It also has a high resistance to PID, which means it can maintain its performance even in hot and humid conditions.The Jinko Panel 545W is also built with a durable frame that can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds and heavy snow loads. It has a maximum system voltage of 1500V and a temperature coefficient of -0.36% per °C. The Jinko Panel 545W is also certified for salt mist, ammonia, and PID resistance, making it suitable for installations in coastal and agricultural areas.
Maximum Power (Pmax) 545Wp
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 40.80V
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 13.36A
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc) 49.52V
Short-circuit Current (Isc) 13.94A
Operating Temperature(°C) -40°C~+85°C
Maximum system voltage 1000/1500VDC (IEC)
Maximum series fuse rating 25A


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