BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL 15.4Kwh -51.2V

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Brand: BYD
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Introducing the BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL 15.4kWh -51.2V, the ultimate solution for all your energy storage needs. This cutting-edge lithium battery is here to revolutionize the way you power your home or business. With its exceptional performance and advanced technology, it's no wonder that BYD is at the forefront of the lithium battery industry.

Designed with precision, this BYD Lithium Battery offers an impressive capacity of 15.4kWh, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting power supply. Whether you're looking to power your off-grid cabin or reduce your reliance on the grid, this battery will exceed your expectations.

One of the standout features of the BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL is its high energy density, providing you with more power in a compact size. This means you can maximize your space while enjoying ample energy storage capacity.

Not only does this lithium battery offer exceptional performance, but it also boasts a long cycle life, ensuring that it will serve you for years to come. Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements and hello to a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

Safety is paramount when it comes to energy storage, and the BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL doesn't disappoint. It incorporates state-of-the-art battery management systems to protect against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. You can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is backed by advanced safety features.

Versatility is another key selling point of this lithium battery. Whether you're integrating it into an existing solar system or using it as a standalone power source, the BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL seamlessly adapts to your needs.

Discover the future of energy storage with the BYD Battery-Box Premium LVL 15.4kWh -51.2V. Experience unparalleled performance, reliability, and safety in one compact package. Invest in this lithium battery today and take control of your energy consumption like never before.
Number of Modules 2
Usable Energy [1] 15.36 kWh
Max Cont. Output Current [2] 250 A
Peak Output Current [2] 375 A, 5 s
Nominal Voltage 51.2 V
Operating Voltage 40-59 V
Operating Temperature -10 °C to +50°C
Communication CAN/RS485
Enclosure Protection Rating IP20
Round-trip Efficiency ≥95%
Scalability Max. 64 in Parallel (983 kWh)
Certification IEC62619 / CE / CEC / UN38.3
Applications ON Grid / ON Grid + Backup / OFF Grid
Rated DC power 12.8KW
Short Circuit Current 400A
Dimensions (H/W/D) 500 x 575 x 650 mm
Weight 164 kg


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