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The 6570 or 6570S is an alternative version of the 6505 / 6505S control head series used in the propulsion control system and comes with the added feature of a gear feedback indicator showing the gear control position. It offers a compact design and the features of a full size control. It has the same mounting dimensions as the 6505. This control head is suitable to use with our 6525 system as well as the Mighty Mariner system (with model 6570S). The handles are used to control the clutch and throttle operation of the engines. Moving the handle forward or backward approximately 15° will engage the clutch in the corresponding position. Move the handle further will activate the throttle control feature. The feedback indicator will show where the gear is engaged in the desired control position. The source of the feedback must come directly from the gear sensors. The housing and handles are manufactured of bronze and stainless steel. Finish options include chrome, black or white epoxy paint and polished bronze. The unit uses a water resistant keypad but is not recommended for outdoor installation. The keypad offers switches for the standard features: Station Select, Station Lock, Throttle Override and Synchronization. The head comes with the following specifications. # Engines: two (standard) Finish: chrome or black or white or polished bronze Handle: chromed # Potentiometer: one per handle Panel keypad: four switches


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