12V/220Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery

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Brand: Victron Energy
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VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid, which means that the batteries are sealed. Gas will escape through the safety valves only in case of overcharging or cell failure.
VRLA batteries are maintenance free for life.
Here the electrolyte is immobilized as gel. Gel batteries in general have a longer service life.
Because of the use of lead calcium grids and high purity materials, Victron VRLA batteries can be stored during long periods of time without recharge. The rate of self-discharge is less than 2% per month at 20°C. The self-discharge doubles for every
increase in temperature by 10°C.
Victron VRLA batteries can therefore be stored for up to a year without recharging, if kept under cool conditions.

Rated capacity: 20 hr. discharge at 25°C
Float design life: 12 years at 20°C
Cycle design life:
500 cycles at 80% discharge
750 cycles at 50% discharge
1800 cycles at 30% discharge

Dimension : 522x238x240 mm
Weight : 66 kg


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