Seastar Marine Hydraulic Power Assist Steering Uni

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Seastar Marine Hydraulic Power Assist Steering Unit - 12V/24V
150HP+ Single outboards
Heavy 4 stroke outboards
Twin/Triple Outboards
Inboards where rudder torque makes wheel effort heavy or uncomfortable.
Features & Benefits:
Dramatically Increases steering comfort.
Reduced wheel effort.
Simplified installation - Simple "add-on" to existing SeaStar manual steering system
Auto recognize system voltage 12V or 24V
Number of turns lock to lock remains constant
Compatible with SeaStar Power Purge System
Compatible with marine autopilots
Mounting bracket included - wall or floor mount
Wiring harness included

Input Voltage: 12 or 24VDC (Automatically recognized)
Max PSI Rating: 1000PSI
Typical Current Draw: ~3 Amps
Max Current Draw: 50A Max, 60A Peak (1A System electronics)
Fluid Compatibility: SeaStar Steering Fluid HA5430H or MIL Spec 5606
Weight: 8lbs
Harness Length: 15'

Tools Required to Complete Installation:
1/2" and 3/4" Open-ended Wrench
Wire Cutters, crimpers, soldering iron
Screwdriver for attaching mounting plate


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