Fischer Panda Generator Panda 30x PVMV-N 230V/50Hz

Brand: Fischer Panda
Category: Vehicle Generators

Price on request

With 4-cylinder water-cooled Kubota 1498 ccm diesel engine Type: V1505TD and water-cooled Fischer Panda asynchronous alternator. (230V/ 50Hz single phase winding ) Nominal output : 25.5 kW (30 kVA at cos phi = 0.85) Continuous output: 23.0 kW (27 kVA at cos phi = 0.85) at 3000 RPM Complete set includes: -12V start system -12V/40A alternator for battery charging -Engine driven cooling water pump - MPL - Stainless steel sound insulation capsule 4DS (With two layers of heavy lining and two layers of special sound insulation foam) -Remote control panel with on /off / preheat / start LCD hour meter and automatic Shut off of the generator in case of alarm -Exhaust and engine temperature switch -Oil pressure switch -Winding temperature switch -Fuel shut off solenoid for engine stop -Fuses for 12V system -Water-cooled muffler -Integrated silencer (no external silencers necessary) -Air filter -Patented VCS voltage regulation for 230 V with actuator for output voltage control -12 V fuel pump with inline filter and hose connectors - Voltmeter - Ampere meter - Frequency meter - Fuse - Fuel and oil gauge - Cooling water expansion tank Overall Dimensions : 1260mm x 560mm x 690mm (L x W x H) Weight : 512 kgs. Sound Level: 55/65/69 (7m/3m/1m)


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