ARG175T Anti-rolling gyro (stabilizer)

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The ARG175T (MSM-17500T-A1) is the newest addition to the
Tohmei line of gyros.
With decidedly more Anti-Rolling torque in a smaller package, the
ARG175T is certain to become a leader in the under 25 ton vessel
range. (Depending on GM of the boat)
Don’t settle for 2nd best for you and your family’s comfort.

Anti rolling torque : 17500Nm max
Rated RPM : 4600rpm
Angular moment at rated RPM : 3500Nm sec
Spool-up time to rated RPM : 35minutes
Spool up power AC motor : single phase 4.3kw/three phase 4.0kw
Operating power AC motor : single phase 3.5kw/three phase 3.0kw
Input voltage : single phase 220-240V/three phase 200-240v,50/60Hz
Weight : 380kg

Envolope dimensions :
Gyro : 950(length) x 620(width) x 630(Height) mm
Motor Driver(invertor) : 400(height) x 350(width) x 187(depth) mm


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