15KVA Portable Backup system in a cabinet ESS

SKU Code: NTS 15 Kva Server Rack
Brand: NTS
Category: Solar

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It Is a 3 Phase System that Consists

• 3 X Multiplus-II 48V/5000VA

• 3 X Smart Solar MPPT 250/100

• 4 X Distributor

• 1 X Monitoring Device

• 1X Touch Display

• 4 X BYD Battery-Box Premium LV Flex Lite 5.0kWh/48VDC

• it is a portable device that can be shifted easily because of its plug & Play concept with preassembled wheels

• it consists 20 Kwh BYD lithium Battery that can be upgraded up to 30kwh inside the trolley

• the battery capacity can be extended by using an extra trolley with additional Batteries

• It will accept 36 solar panels with 450W with a total capacity of 16.2 Kwp

• the trolley has assembled with a 3Phase switch gear & Bypass system in case of solar failure


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